Thursday, 5 December 2019



                         WORLD TV NEWS DECEMBER 6, 2019

Half a million Ebola vaccine doses to be stockpiled for emergency use

Iranian forces may have killed more than 1,000 in recent protests, official says

North Korean defector raped by South Korean intel officers, forced to have 2 abortions, lawyer says

Indian woman who planned to testify against alleged rapists is set on fire, reports say

US officials release photos of 'significant cache' of Iranian missile parts captured

Italian newspaper criticized for tasteless 'Black Friday' headline amid racism storm gripping soccer

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree in London panned as looking 'a bit thin'

Australian customs agents, IT worker charged in country's largest crystal meth seizure

Pension protesters in Paris disrupt transit, close schools and Eiffel Tower

Indian police shoot dead four men suspected of raping vet - BBC

Biden finally finds social media buzz with viral Trump video, voter spat

China drafts new rules to control rural plastic pollution

Factbox: Genocide case against Myanmar to be heard at highest U.N. court

In rare legal test, Myanmar faces genocide hearings at The Hague

The Lady and The Hague: Myanmar leader Suu Kyi courts home audience

German activists apologize for use of Holocaust victims’ remains in anti-Nazi installation

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