Wednesday, 11 December 2019



                         WORLD TV NEWS DECEMBER 12, 2019

How a mega fire spread toward Sydney

Dallas man gets 30 years in prison after calling on slaughter of ‘infidels’ for ISIS

Suicide bombing near Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base kills 2, wounds more than 70

Chilean Air Force: Debris found in hunt for missing military plane

French government reveals changes to pension plan amid strikes

Mexico’s painting of naked revolutionary hero wearing high heels sparks anger, protests

Greta Thunberg called a 'brat' by Brazilian president

Australia's New South Wales government says 10 victims of volcano to be transferred to Sydney hospitals

New Zealand volcano death toll rises to 8 and will continue to climb

Texas executes inmate convicted of killing prison supervisor

Brazil president Bolsonaro says he has a possible skin cancer

Chilean lawmakers censure ex-interior minister over rights abuses

With Netanyahu's fate in question, Israel heads to new election

EU leaders offer money to reluctant east to push 2050 climate neutrality

Israel to hold March 2 election, its third in less than a year

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