Sunday, 24 November 2019



                   WORLD TV NEWS NOVEMBER 25, 2019

Hong Kong ace majority rule government parties take 390 of 452 region committee seats - RTHK

Pope voices worry over future vitality as he comforts casualties of Fukushima fiasco

Uruguay resistance leads presidential vote; result a real heart stopper

Hong Kong races seen as win for professional majority rules system applicants after enormous turnout

South Korea, Japan in new spat over insight bargain

Factbox: Eighteen Democrats, three Republicans in U.S. presidential race

'She leaves him. He slaughters her.' Thousands in Belgium walk to request end to brutality against ladies

In any event four dead after huge floods hit southeastern France

Autonomous Egyptian news site says its workplaces were struck

Iraq shaken by one of its 'most exceedingly terrible' long periods of fights; at any rate 13 executed

Chinese authority uncovered as assuming key job in mass detainments of Uighur Muslims

Rabbits in Ireland being sucked into plane motors close to Dublin Airport, reports state

Congo plane collides with homes in African town leaving in any event 25 dead

More than 100 Dems send Pompeo letter emphatically contradicting Israeli settlement arrangement move




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